Great sound is important

We're more than just a livestreaming vendor. We take pride in our ability to offer superior digital audio services. Microphones, mixers, speakers... the essential stuff.

Audio Services

Hello, we're PodiumMC. It's nice to meet you.

PodiumMC is Media and Communications company, with a specialization in the delivery, publication, and monetization of live and archived hybrid events.

DELIVERY services include live video streaming, audio and visual services, website creation, and other related “show services”. Scale participation in your event, incorporate and engage global audiences in real time

PUBLICATION services include on-demand video archives of all live events,  content management solutions (websites, video portals), video transcriptions. We have created an all-in-one system designed to create the perfect hybrid conference

MONETIZATION is achieved by selling digital access to your live and archived hybrid conference.


PodiumMC is more than just a video production company. We offer everything from online Continuing Education capabilities at a more affordable rate than a large Learning Management System, all the way to custom capture methods and marketing management. We work with you to ensure you’ll be able to share your meeting with the world the way you want.

Capture Methods

We offer several types of meeting recording methods; from audio only, to AudioPoint, video capture and production, to live stream. You are in full control of exactly how your meeting is remembered.